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Walks in Albury

Silent Pool to Albury and Back (Scenic Route)

From the Silent Pool car park cross the A25 and walk down Sherbourne. On the left, is the Albury Millennium Avenue of lime trees. Cross the little bridge over the Tillingbourne, left into New Road and immediately left through the gates into Albury Park. The path then follows a private metalled drive which leads to the Old Church and Albury Park Mansion. When the drive divides, take the right fork and on rising ground to your right you will see the finger post for a footpath through a gate and up into the woods beyond. Follow the well-marked path through the woods until you reach a wide green iron gate, giving onto a metalled road by a lodge at the southern boundary of the Park.

Cross the metalled road and head down the track slightly to your left. Follow this track until it reaches another metalled road down which you bear to the right, which brings you to the very door of the William IV!

On leaving the pub, go into its car park at the back and head for the righthand corner. Cross the stile and set off diagonally across the field to another stile at the top. Over this stile follow the path which widens to an unmade tree-lined lane leading between two paddocks to the open Heath.

Take the footpath immediately in front of you and go across the Heath until the path leads you to a bench under a silver birch where four or five paths converge. If you wish to pause here for a few minutes, look back across the Lawbrook valley. The railway is in the middle distance and away on the southern horizon you will see Winterfold and the Hurtwood.

Leaving the bench on your right, take the second right hand path to a metalled road. Cross the road, and you will emerge on the southern corner of Albury Cricket Ground.

Immediately to your right is the cairn and plaque erected by the Albury Trust to commemorate Field Marshall Montgomery's visit to address Canadian troops just before D-Day in 1944.

Pick up the footpath at the northern side of the cricket ground and follow it through the woods, over a track and out onto a grassy triangle with a gateway in the far left hand corner. To your left through the trees you will see the buildings of what was once the Albury village school.

Go through the gateway and follow the sandy ride; it dips down and at the bottom another path leads off steeply downhill to your right. Follow this path all the way to Church Lane, leading you past Albury Parish Church.

At the end of Church Lane, turn right and go down into Albury village itself. Twenty-five yards up the street to your right you may be tempted by the sight of the Drummond Arms. However, those made of sterner stuff should turn left at the Post Office and follow the road out of the village, turning first right after about fifty yards into Water Lane.

Walk up Water Lane past the farms until you see a lane to your right which leads past a pair of cottages. Take this lane and you will come to another cottage with the footpath just beyond it clearly marked. Away to your left along this section you will see Newlands Corner above you; the woods surrounding the Albury Sandpit are on your right.

The path continues past the entrance to the Sandpit over a field and comes out on the road just above the Catholic Apostolic Church. This is Sherbourne, the road you originally took from the Silent Pool, which now lies to your left on the other side of the A25.

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Walk Information

Distance: Approximately 5 miles