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Albury Trust

Since its foundation in 1979, the Albury Trust has distributed more than £12,000 to help preserve or improve buildings and amenities of special interest or beauty in the area of Albury. The Trust is a registered charity, financed by the efforts of its members. Amongst many projects which the Trust has paid for or to which it has made a major contribution are the Village sign posts, the Montgomery Memorial on Albury Heath, seats on the Heath and overlooking the Tillingbourne and the restoration of Brook Pond. Trust members have also held a series of cultural and social events which have not only raised funds but have contributed to the pleasure of living here. It played a leading role during the village Millennium Celebrations.

The Trust sponsored the attractive booklet "Albury - A Short Guide to the Parish" which has helped to raise the profile of the village and its environs.

The Trust is always interested in new members.

Contact: Pat Grayburn / 01483 203562

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Albury Trust
Denise Chamberlain
01483 203486

Albury Evening W.I.
Denise Chamberlain
01483 203486

Albury History Society
Chairman:  Bill Folkes 01483 538076

Secretary: Margaret Clarke, 01483 202294

Albury Produce Assciation
Lisa Keech - Secretary