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Albury to the Roman Temple on Farley Heath

Take the road (Church Lane) opposite the village Post Office and keep straight on up Blackheath Lane - also known locally as Birmingham Lane, having adopted, apparently, the name of the farm here.

Follow the lane downhill under the railway bridge, over the River Lawbrook and on to the three cottages on the right at the top of the lane, where it enters Blackheath.

Avoid the left turning opposite the last cottage but take the left fork a few yards further on. Climb up onto the heath (about 100 yards), bear left and continue as straight as possible. Avoid all intersecting paths and go straight on downhill past a small paddock and up again past Jelly's Copse on the right and a cottage on the left till the open heath is again reached.

Just before reaching the metalled road, turn down a broad track to the left and the site of the temple will be seen: a green patch on which the exact ground plan of the building has been laid out, using some of the original stone.

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Walk Information

Distance: Approximately 2 miles